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do centaur babies suckle from the horse nipples or the human nipples tho

Centaurs aren’t real. Do you understand that?

yes that is why i made a tumblr post about this instead of just asking a real centaur

failed step 1
step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order


These gifs are going in my folder for use when we have a new build to bombard.  I love this scene so much.  :3  KOS-MOS is so badass.

god I loved the tech design in that game, would kill for model rips of the ships


Charathon entries for the day. The files for these seemed to have vanished for me however„

sucymemebabaran replied to your post “sucymemebabaran replied to your post:spent 15 bucks to check FFXIV out…”

your post said last weekend though?

oh oh

> last weekend, I put 15 bucks down to go back and check how it’s going again.
> wasn’t feelin’ it, and ended up checking out ArcheAge a few days later instead, which just released
> AA’s suffering from stupid queue issues due to AFK parking, which I recall from when ARR had (re)released

there haven’t been login queues in ages though??

I was referencing when ARR released, a shitton of people were whiny babies about it taking forever to get into a server, so they auto-ran into corners to keep themselves logged in so they could get back on whenever they wanted, but it ended up making the problem a thousand times worse because queues only work when players were leaving, and as more idiots started parking themselves there was less and less room for the active population to cycle through.

a queue of 3.5k people on AA on release day took me about two hours to pass through. That was rough, but OK. As of a two days ago (ish) after some reddit asshat posted the ~great secret~ to bypassing queues after getting in (sitting at the character selection screen won’t boot you for AFK), server queues of 2500 didn’t end. I waited from 2pm til midnight thursday and didn’t reach position 500 in line, meaning the only advancement in line was probably from people giving up, and everybody else ahead of me was probably idling and would take up space until they finally woke back up. The few people who’ve been getting into the game during this time have said major locations are all but devoid of players

and in all this, their first solution was to add more servers, NOT to kick the AFK exploit in the butt. Won’t bode well for server populations in the long run

spent 15 bucks to check FFXIV out again last weekend, lost the zing after a few hours of resetting my keybinds and figuring out my rotations all over again. Then spent three straight days fighting exploit-parking dipshits leaving themselves taking up all available space in-game because of their fear of queues, causing queues that don’t end for near 14 hours (I remember this shit in FFXIV:ARR), and the once chance I got to hop into the server I was supposed to get onto to play with my friends (server maintenance knocked out the hoard of sleepers) it turns out they disabled character creation on that specific server